What’s different?

The innovative 2 buttons of Pulsar Vulgares make the operation of the headlamp extremely easy and user-friendly. For the first time, yes, you can control each LED independently! Using a dual channel PCB allows you even to independently control each LED even with only one button of the smaller brother – Pulsar Nano.


What really makes a great lamp is the little details: Pulsar offers the safest overheating protection and efficient cooling system to meet the high standards of powerful LEDs and big Lumen output.


Why Pulsar?

Pulsar lights are highest quality lamps which are custom-built to give best performance fitting your individual needs. Pulsar gives you maximum brightness and control. We wanted to create a masterpiece, easy to control, really powerful and reliable. To achieve this goal each part of our lamps is precisely designed and engineered by our team. Our PCB is not a ready, in stock one, but custom-built, microprocessor controlled with latest updates to meet our specific needs. Pulsar Lights simply are state-of-the-art lamps for those who do not want to make a compromise with quality.


Why do I need overheating protection and cooling system?

High power LEDs are usually most efficient at 25ºC when the Lumen output is highest. However, it is hard to keep LEDs at that low of a temperature because the more powerful and bigger Lumen output, the more heat is generated. When running at hotter temperature, the LEDs output is affected and the lumen output is reduced. Besides, the lifetime of the LEDs is shortened and a chance of electronics damage.


Therefore, when we designed our powerful headlamps, we wanted to create reliable protection for LEDs and to guarantee real Lumen output. We made this possible thanks to:

• Active Overheating Protection (“software”)

• Body Cooling System (“hardware”)


Our active overheating protection works via 3 thermo sensors – 2 for each LED and 1 for the PCB. The thermo sensors track the temperature of the LEDs and the PCB in real time. If it is too heated, the microprocessor will reduce the intensity of the LEDs until the temperature is balanced.


The body Cooling system is based on the simple physics law: the bigger the surface, the easier to cool down. That’s why we use cooling fins (like radiators) to dissipate heat as much as possible. Additionally, we are using an innovative technology: the body is designed to have a better contact with the power LED via a hole in the PCB to transmit heat.


This is how we can offer you big real Lumens, efficient and reliable lamp – thanks to the active overheating protection and cooling system.


Why magnet buttons for Pulsar Vulgares? Can I still be surveying in caves?

Magnet buttons are extremely durable and designed not to penetrate the body of the headlamp. In this way with maximum comfort you are using the buttons to control your lamp with a 100% water protection. This is ideal when diving, canyoning or any other activity with lots of water around.


The magnetic field is barely 20 cm, so you can still survey caves. Please, be aware that electromagnetism is one of the fundamental forces of nature and wherever there is electricity, magnetic field is present. Which means every electric headlamp and device on the market has to some extent a magnetic field.


What is a Pulse Width Modulation driver? What is the role of the microprocessor?

There are 2 types of drivers. The first one is a linear driver, which is the old generation, less effective and more heat generating. The second type of drivers are Pulse Width Modulation (PWD) drivers, which are more effective (up to 95 %), more precise and less heat generating, thus giving longer light lifetime. That is why we are using PWD driver for our headlamps.


The microprocessor is the big brain which controls all the essential functions in our headlamps. All the functions are executed by a program, created by our engineers, and installed in the microprocessor. So, the following functions are tracked and supervised by the microprocessor:  battery supervision, overheating protection, deep discharge protection, flexible programmable brightness settings for Vulgares, all settings kept memorized without battery, no standby current.


What is a dual channel PCB?

Our engineers designed a PCB with 2 channels, because our aim was to give you the freedom to independently control each LED. Each channel of the PCB controls the two separate power LEDs.


What does it mean that I can control each LED independently?


It means that you can control each LED absolutely separately from the others, giving you a number of combinations. Each power LED (the ambient LED 2 and the spot LED 1) has 5 brightness levels from 1-Low to 5-strong. The third low power LED (or back-up LED) has only1 brightness setting.

In Operation Mode you can use only one LED, two LEDs or all the LEDs simultaneously, besides you can set the brightness level of the two powered LEDs (ambient and spot).

In Program Mode you can adjust LED 1 (the spot LED) and LED 2 (the ambient LED) independently, choosing whatever combination you feel comfortable with.


It means that you can control each LED completely independently by using just one button. Each LED has 4 brightness levels from 1-Low to 4-Strong. In Operating Mode you can control LED A by pushing the button with intervals more than 0.5 seconds. You can control LED B by double clicks on the button with intervals more than 0.5 seconds between the double clicks. You have also a Predefined Mode, where you can choose from 5 predefined combinations.

How many brightness levels can I choose from?


You can choose between 5 brightness levels from 1-lowest, 2-low, 3- middle, 4-stronger, 5-strongest for each power LED (the ambient and spot LED).

In Program Mode you can make various combinations and and save in total 5 predefined settings (or slots). For example:

Setting 1: LED 1 (the spot LED) at brightness level 3 –middle

    LED 2 (the ambient LED) at brightness level 1 – lowest

Setting 2: LED 1 at 0 brightness level

    LED 2 at brightness level 5

Setting 3: LED 1 at brightness level 2 – low

      LED 2 at brightness level 4- stronger

or whatever you choose up to setting 5

Note! Always adjust or predefine your desired settings before entering the cave!


Each power LED (ambient and spot) has 4 brightness levels: 1 – low, 2 – middle, 3 – strong, 4 – strongest.

In Predefined Mode you have 5 already set combinations that you can choose from:

• combo a: LED A=level 3, LED B = 0

• combo b: LED A = level 2, LED B = mode 2

• combo c: LED A & B = level 3

• combo d: LED A = level 1, LED B = level 2

• combo e: LED A = level 4, LED B = level 4

Can I adjust the brightness level of the low power LED 3 on Vulgares (the back-up LED)?

No, you can’t because you have only 1 brightness level for this LED. But you can optionally order two, three or four low power LEDs.

What illuminant do you use?

Vulgares uses CREE XM-L2 T5 neutral white illuminant with color temperature – 5000 K

Nano uses CREE XP-G3 Neutral white illuminant with color temperature - 5000 K


What is the runtime of Pulsar?

The runtime depends on several factors. First, if you use different from Panasonic batteries, this might result in lower performance. Second, if you use your lamp under extreme conditions (freezing), this might also affect the performance. Last but not least, the performance depends on brightness levels you choose.


You have approximately:

LED 1 and LED 2 at brightness level 5 simultaneously – 1h

LED 1 or LED 2 at brightness level 1                             – 25 hours

LED 3 alone – ~150 hours


You have approximately:

LED 1 and LED 2 at brightness level 4 simultaneously – 2h

LED 1 or LED 2 at brightness level 1                             – 500 hours



How can I order a Pulsar?

You can order your lamp via PayPal (Order) or request our bank account via our e-mail: office@pulsarlights.eu


How long does it take until I receive a Pulsar?

It depends since the lamps are custom-built and the manufacturing might take up to 30 working days. The delivery depends on your location and delivery company. In the event of unforeseen delay due to force majeure circumstances, we will contact you immediately.




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