Pulsar Nano Headlamp

The incredibly small powerful lamp that’s always with you!

Introducing the super small 1200 Lumen headlamp that’s small enough to take it anywhere and bright enough to light your way in darkest and extreme locations! Get true daylight with dual channel PCB, Pulse Width Modulation driver, super easy independent control of each LED, microprocessor control, battery supervision and safest overheating protection, all designed into an incredibly tiny size! The premium quality design features an aluminum body, practically indestructible.

Pulsar Nano is the professional solution that will give you the light in most extreme and dark places, so you will never miss an adventure! Perfect for caving, climbing, biking, you can mount your Nano on your helmet, on you bike, wear it with a headband or it can be handheld.

Ultra Compact Design

Lightweight and incredibly tough aluminum body

Deluxe engineered with state-of-the-art technology, the Pulsar Nano takes all the high-quality features of his bigger brother Pulsar Vulgares and transfers them into an incredibly small size. This premier quality design features a solid aluminum body, extremely durable aluminum buttons, 2 m impact resistance and 5 m water resistance. We wanted to create as powerful lamp as 1200 Lumens to give you day light vision and as light as 150 grams (together with the battery box) for ultimate long-lasting comfort.

Every aspect of Nano has been totally optimized for quality!



Highest Quality in Small Size, Big Lumens

The technology of  Pulsar Light Systems transferred into a tiny size


  • Dual channel PCB that gives you the freedom to independently control each LED
  • Pulse Width Modulation driver (PWM) – the innovative hi-tech digital driver gives the best effectiveness for your lamp, guaranteeing maximum battery and LED lifetime
  • Smart Micro Processor control
  • 4 brightness levels for both Ambient and Spot LEDs
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Battery supervision
  • Active overheating protection



Safest Smart Active Overheating Protection

The world’s smallest headlamp using 3 thermo sensors!

Big Lumens output lots of heat, which can lead to overheating of the lamp, causing LED and electronics damage. That’s why it is of ultimate importance to create a reliable protection.

With 2 thermo sensors for each of the Ambient and Spot LEDs and one in the main PCB, the protection of your headlamp from overheating is guaranteed. The active Nano overheating protection will always track the temperature of the LEDS and the PCB in real time. If it is too heated, the LEDs’ intensity will be automatically reduced to balance the temperature.

Innovative Cooling System

Because we care for even the smallest details! Powerful Nano in such a tiny body, designed to endure 1200 Lumens, thanks to the integrated efficient Cooling System!

Crafted from super strong aluminum, Nano’s stylish body design is tough to protect the headlamp’s internal electronics and to efficiently distribute the heat, generated from the powerful LEDS.


The lamp’s body is designed to have better contact with the power LED via a hole in the PCB to transmit heat. Additionally, the precisely-chamfered edges of the fins are playing the important role of external coolers.



Removable Battery

When you need to keep lighting your way, just replace the battery!


Free Your Battery Box!

Lightweight Battery Box and Removable Free Battery Cells


Nano Battery box is made of Aluminum and uses 1 removable and rechargeable free lithium-ion battery. The 26650 and18650 Li-ion batteries type are commonly available, so for your convenience you can purchase multiple batteries from local stores or e-bay, if you need to use your Nano for longer period.  To use 18650 cell you need a plastic adapter, sold in E-bay or local battery reseller.

Weight : 80 gr. (without batteries)

W x H: 35mmx90mm



Mounting Options

Head strap mount. Head strap is not included just GoPro mount.

Battery box mounted with rubber O ring - easy and secure. Also possible to mount with sling.

Small lamp with big lumens for extreme biking

Bike mount ( not included, ordering via Ebay)


Technical specifications

Table Style
Designator Value
Lumens 1200 Lm
Illuminant 2 x CREE XP-G3
Colour  temperature 5000K - 5500K
Runtime at 20 °C 2 h -  500 h
Working voltage 3.4V nominal (2.9V .. 4.2V)
Ambient temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Dimensions body 20mmx36mmx61mm (DxHxL); box 35mmx90mm (WxH)
Weight 70 gr lamp body, 80 gr box
Material CNC machined aircraft aluminium
Protection IP68 5 meters
Microprocessor controlled Battery supervised, constant light over whole battery life, temprerature controlled
Modes Operation Mode: 4 brightness levels each LED/ Predefined Mode: 5 combinations
Battery Bar Indicator 1 red and 1 blue LED
Batteries 1 cell 26650 (18650) 3.4v
Operation 1 Aluminum Button; each LED controlled independently


500 45.3 12 4
500 125 35.5 11 3.5
45.3 35.5 21.4 9.25 3.4
12 11 9.25 6.15 3
4 3.5 3.4 3 2

Average runtime with  5000mA/h  26650 cell at 21C (Runtime may vary due to temperature and different battery cells). With one 18650 3600mA/h runtime will be ~28% less.

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