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Pulsar Lights - explorers by nature, we are cavers and mountaineers dedicated to exploring the best solutions for cavers and divers through innovation and constant development of our devices.  Pulsar Lights are designed, assembled and manufactured in Bulgaria, European Union. Our aim is to equip explorers with top quality lights at reasonable prices and thus make the adventure of caving and diving more popular among people. We are always open to receive your ideas and suggestions on our e-mail or Facebook page.




Our website www.pulsarlights.eu and our official Facebook page “Pulsar Lights” are administrated and kept up to date by us. Be aware that you use the information published on the website at your own risk. It is your decision whether any of the information, devices or services is suitable for your specific needs



Buying a Pulsar is quite simple as our shopping cart is provided by PayPal. What you need to do is browse the store and add the items you wish into the shopping cart. Then you need to complete the order. You also need to visit the PayPal website to check if you agree with their privacy policy. Regardless whether you have or you do not have a PayPal account you can equally use this service. If you are outside the European Union, the transaction will be converted to your local currency by PayPal.

After you fcomplete your order, you will receive a confirmation on your e-mail within 2 working days.

If you prefer, upon request, we can give you the Pulsar Lights bank account details to pay via a bank transfer. Please, be aware that we can ship the devices only after receiving the payment in the bank account.

We reserve the right to contact you to arrange the payment/return of under/over payment or cancel the order in the event of a pricing mistake.



As we are a small team and with limited stock, we usually manufacture the devices upon order. Therefore, it might take from 5 to 30 working days to send you the device. In the event of unforeseen delay due to force majeure circumstances, we will contact you immediately. If due to unforeseen events beyond our control (such as delay of providers, breakdown of machines, etc.), the production is delayed, you wait until the product is built.

All devices are duly and carefully packaged and posted generally via the Bulgarian Post Services. You need to pay an additional fixed shipping tax. You have the option to use any other delivery company. In case you  chose this option, contact us and we will  return your fixed shipping taxes for the Bulgarian Posts.  You will pay the shipment taxes of your delivery company and arrange pick-up on your own.

As a small business we will contact you to inform you about the current status of your order. Unfortunately, once sent, delivery time frames are beyond our control. Generally it takes 10 - 14 working days for most international deliveries. All international orders have a tracking number (unless otherwise stated). We obtain proof of postage and correct address for all such international deliveries. Standard postage costs are automatically added by PayPal. If your item for whatever reason arrives damaged, which rarely happens, please, contact us immediately and we will arrange an exchange.

It is your responsibility to give us a correct and complete delivery address. We do not bear any responsibility for unreceived items due to mistaken or incomplete address. In case of mistaken or incomplete address or untaken item from delivery address, you will be charged an additional shipping tax to send you back the item.



In case you need to return a product due to manufacture defect, contact us immediately. You have two options. You can send us back the defect product and after we receive it, we will refund you the money.  Or we can send you a new product at our expense. If you want to return us the product because it is not what you wanted or what you needed, you can send it us back at your expense within 7 days of receipt and we will accept only if the product is unused. If you return to us a product that is not unused, we reserve the right to return the product back to you.

International returns (from outside the EU); please ensure that you attach a correctly completed customs declaration to the package, clearly marked as 'return / repair' and state the value as zero. Any customs charge that we incur will be your responsibility.



Pulsar Lights products have a standard 1 year warranty against manufacture defects or defects in materials. If your Pulsar fails to operate according the technical specifications during the Warranty period, we will repair your product or at our discretion we will replace it. The Warranty is subject to correct maintenance and good care. We do not provide warranty replacement or repair for problems that are caused due to external damage, poor storage, poor maintenance, worn parts. It is your responsibility to return the products for any non warranty issues, as we will try to keep the costs due to external damage as low as possible. Although Pulsar products are designed to be reliable, we are aware that the conditions in caves, underwater and canyoning are quite extreme and it is normal to break parts occasionally. The 1-year Warranty covers the Headlamps and Battery Boxes.

After the standard 1-year warranty expires, we provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty for free labor on repairs. You just have to pay for the parts needed and shipping costs.

Batteries are exposed to damage from misuse, temperature, moisture. Any damage to battery wires and cables is not covered by the warranty. Chargers are not covered by a warranty as we are not the manufacturers of those items and only distributors.


NOTE: It is your responsibility to check if the cable gland and the protective glass bolts are tightened enough before usage.



Pulsar Lights are designed to be reliable, durable and safe devices with regard to the rigorous and hazard activities such as caving, diving and canyoning. It does not mean that Pulsar Lights cannot be broken. Lights might fail without warning and we do not take any responsibility for this. Therefore, always take a reliable back-up light. Pulsar Lights cannot be used as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As the Pulsar products are constantly updated and improved, your device may  have a slightly different appearance or modified functionality then presented in the website.


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We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions, prices of Pulsar Lights products and to modify the products themselves, descriptions, technical specifications, manuals or other published information.



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