A New Lamp – A Masterpiece in the World of Light!

You want to practice your favorite hobby anytime, anywhere? Or you want to combine a number of activities?

Vulgares is a new generation of multi-purpose lamps that will light your way without excuses. We have completely redesigned our proven Pulsar Magnetic. The high-quality custom-built PCB is now even more powerful with more beautiful design and above all more effective. Each piece of technology used in the development and manufacture of the Vulgares has been chosen for its performance, reliability and innovation.

Vulgares Lamp is everything you need to give you daylight to the most difficult, dark and remote locations, perfect for caving, diving, climbing, biking, trekking, fishing, skiing, work under extreme conditions or simply a nice night walk in the park with your dog.

The First Dual Channel PCB – Taste the Freedom

Customize the settings of your Vulgares to suit your individual needs best! The most intuitive software specially developed to give you as much freedom as possible:

  • Independent control of each LED: Ambient, Spot and Back-up LEDs
  • 5 brightness levels of both Ambient and Spot LEDs – over 30 combinations!
  • Extremely user-friendly Program Mode allowing you to choose the perfect combinations for you
  • Back-up LED – for maximum security with minimum battery consumption – over 150 h
  • Pulse Width Modulation driver (PWM) – the innovative hi-tech digital driver gives the best effectiveness for your lamp, guaranteeing maximum battery and LED lifetime

Smart Microprocessor Control – The Brain of Vulgares

The microprocessor is programmed by our engineers to track and supervise all the essential features for great performance:


  • Battery supervision
  • Overheating protection
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Flexible programmable brightness settings
  • Keeps all settings memorized without battery
  • NO standby current: you can leave batteries connected without any consumption … forever!


Innovative System for Cooling – Rugged and Stylish Design

Crafted from super strong aluminum, the Vulgares’s stylish body design is tough to protect the headlamp’s internal electronics and to efficiently distribute the heat, generated from the powerful LEDS.

The lamp’s body is designed to have better contact with the power LED via a hole in the PCB to transmit heat. With attention to the smallest detail, the external cooling fins are precisely- chamfered edges.

The highest quality custom-built component parts are used:

  • each detail is CNC machined
  • practically indestructible Delrin buttons with magnet inserts

The Safest Intelligent Thermal Protection

The only headlamp using 3 thermo sensors! With 2 thermo sensors for each of the Ambient and Spot LEDs and one in the main PCB, the protection of your headlamp from overheating is guaranteed. No matter how heated it gets, the smart Vulgares will always be safely thermo regulating.

Thermo sensors near to each of 2 power LEDs

The Smartest Battery Supervision and Deep Discharge Protection

Always be informed about the battery level to avoid surprises in the middle of adventures. The Battery Indicator Bar with 5 red LEDs shows you the remaining capacity of batteries and supplies your Vulgares with the necessary power.

The deep discharge protection will never let batteries discharge to the minimal 2,8 Voltage.


Water Proof

Suitable for diving up to 100 m.  Buttons do not penetrate the body.

Free Your Battery Box!

Lightweight Battery Box and Removable Free Battery Cells

Our lightweight battery box is made of Delrin. It is waterproof up to 100 m. The box perfectly balances the weight on your head with the headlamp for ultimate comfort.

Vulgares Battery box uses 2 removable and rechargeable free lithium ion batteries. The 18650 Li-ion batteries type are commonly available, so for your convenience you can purchase multiple batteries from local stores or e-bay, if you need to use your Vulgares for longer period. No need to buy expensive battery packs anymore!

Our decision to use 2 batteries instead of 4 is to save weight and balance front-back.

Weight : 165 gr. (without batteries)

D x W x H: 29mmx63mmx94mm




Technical specifications

Table Style
Designator Value
Lumens 2000 Lm
Illuminant 2 x CREE XM-L2 T5 neutral white
Colour  temperature 5000K - 5500K
Runtime at 20 °C 1 h -  25 h; over 150 h with back-up LED
Working voltage 7,2V nominal (6,4V .. 8,4V)
Ambient temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Dimensions 67mm 34mm (D x L)
Weight 180gr lamp body, 160gr box
Material CNC machined aircraft aluminium
Protection IP68 100 meters
Microprocessor controlled Battery supervised, constant light level during the whole battery life, temprerature controlled
Modes Operation Mode: 5 brightness settings each LED/ Program Mode: adjusting each power LED separately
Battery Bar Indicator 5 red LEDs
Batteries 2 cells (18650) 7.4v
Operation 2 Delrin Buttons with magnetic insert; each LED controlled independently
25 15 9 7 3
25 15 9 7 5 2
15 9 7 5 4 1:40
9 7 5 4 3:20 1:20
7 5 4 3:20 3 1:10
3 2 1:40 1:20 1:10 1

Runtime with 2 x 3200mA/h cells at 21C (Runtime may vary due to temperature and different battery cells)



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